NBA Stars 2018/2019 season


Because of Last Dance, the new Michael Jordan series on Netflix, people are feeling the basketball fever.
I had become excited too, I have always been a big fan of the NBA. I searched the web for NBA related datasets in hope of creating something interesting.
I managed to find a CSV file about the biggest stars of modern basketball history.
Thanks to modern technology, the dataset contains the coordinates of the basketball shots.
I thought the only things missing to make a great visual were the Adobe Illustrator and a scatter chart.

The background is a static wallpaper on which I edited an NBA court layer with low opacity in Illustrator.
The next step was creating the scatter chart with the right scaling and conditional formatting the successful and unsuccessful shots.
The other charts are simple built-in visuals.
Then I cropped the images of the players,saved them as PNG files and uploaded them to a server and referenced their URL-s in a CloudScope custom visual.

Have fun! I promise there is going to be a Michael Jordan dashboard as well to celebrate the greatest player.